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Michael Watkins

Michael is one of the most experienced Microsoft 365 deployment consultants in Australia. Michael is currently helping some of Australia's biggest blue-chip companies deploy Windows 10, Office 365 and a range of technologies in the Enterprise Mobility and Security suite.


Top 5 conditional access policies for Azure AD

Azure Active Directory enables single sign-on to devices, apps, and services from anywhere. However, the proliferation of BYOD and mobile working practices IT pros are faced with conflicting goals. That is, empower users to be productive wherever...

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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

With new malware campaigns being launched every day, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection has been designed to help protect your email, files, and...

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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Last year, Microsoft detected between 180-200 million phishing emails per month. In the same period, Symantec discovered a 600% increase in attacks...

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Update channels for Office 365 and Windows 10

One of the key benefits of both Office 365 and Windows 10 is that Microsoft provides new features on a regular basis, through monthly updates.

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Exploring Windows Analytics

When you begin a Windows upgrade project, it raises a range of questions.

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Webinar: EM+S roadmap for 2018 and beyond

With all the noise about Microsoft 365, perhaps the most exciting development is Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S). This once divergent...

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Webinar: Automating device enrolments with Windows AutoPilot

Traditionally, IT pros spend too much time building and customising images that will later be deployed to devices with a perfectly good OS already...

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Webinar: Windows 10 management from the cloud

Windows 10 accelerates employee performance, while increasing data security across multiple devices, and making complex environments easier to...

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4 considerations for enterprise Windows 10 deployment

Microsoft has dubbed Windows 10 the last OS upgrade you'll ever need. However, if your initial deployment isn't executed with the future in mind, a...

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