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At Fastrack Technology, our vision is to fundamentally change the way our customers perceive and consume datacentre, network and collaboration services.


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5 min read

Microsoft Security: Where to start your security journey.

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest threats’ modern businesses face. Today, cyber security breaches that compromise finances, company data and market...

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2 min read

How to protect organisational data from unmanaged Android applications

Let me share a scenario that should keep most IT pros up at night. Your CFO works long hours and does much of their work on the train while also...

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Exploring Desktop Analytics

Brodie is one of our rising stars join him as he explores Desktop Analytics. Times have changed. You no longer need to manually test applications to...

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whats new in windows defnder atp banner - rect

What's new in Windows Defender ATP?

Join Bilal and Watto as they explain the most useful new features and functionality to be included in Windows Defender ATP over the last few months....

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New security threats to Microsoft 365 and beyond

Most IT pros would be familiar with at least some of the security threats to their users and data. However, the threat landscape is bigger than the...

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Top 5 conditional access policies for Azure AD

Azure Active Directory enables single sign-on to devices, apps, and services from anywhere. However, the proliferation of BYOD and mobile working...

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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

With new malware campaigns being launched every day, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection has been designed to help protect your email, files, and...

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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Last year, Microsoft detected between 180-200 million phishing emails per month. In the same period, Symantec discovered a 600% increase in attacks...

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Remote application access with Azure AD Application Proxy

Providing access to on-premises apps has traditionally involved using virtual private networks, load balancers or reverse proxies. However, VPNs and...

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