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At Fastrack Technology, our vision is to fundamentally change the way our customers perceive and consume datacentre, network and collaboration services.


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Cloud Connectivity


Optimising multi-cloud architecture and cloud-to-cloud routing

With organisations demanding services across multiple cloud providers, most IT pros should be considering how to deploy a 'hybrid' or 'multi-cloud'...

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Challenges facing cloud architects in 2020

Our panelists, Nick and Yoni, discuss the biggest challenges cloud architects will face over the next two years.

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Optical fiber

Achieving Optimal Connectivity to Office 365

There's no doubting that Office 365 is a significant productivity tool for organisations. However, its capabilities are often hampered by poor...

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1 min read

How Infrastructure Decisions Directly Affect Business Outcomes

Modern business moves at the speed of IT, and the pervasiveness of the cloud over the past decade has both introduced efficiencies and thrust a...

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1 min read

Ensure Your Cloud Strategy Doesn't Hold Your Business Back

All businesses are only effective if they can deliver against customer demands and expectations. In a competitive environment, every business needs...

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