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At Fastrack Technology, our vision is to fundamentally change the way our customers perceive and consume datacentre, network and collaboration services.


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Webinar: Update channels for Office 365

One of the key benefits of Office 365 is that Microsoft provides new features on a regular basis through monthly updates. However, IT pros responsible for deploying Office 365 ProPlus might want to have more control over how often their users get...

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Webinar: OneDrive in the Enterprise

OneDrive and Office 365 make it easy to manage and share your files, while collaborating with others from anywhere. However, with the shift to a...

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Webinar: Skype VS Microsoft Teams

Is your business ready to deploy Microsoft Teams? The introduction of Microsoft Teams is one of the biggest changes to the way users collaborate and...

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Fastrack launch Microsoft 365 webinar series 

Fastrack Technology has launched a new webinar series helping Australian organisations understand and deploy the best bits of Microsoft 365. Although...

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Live webinars: Microsoft 365 technology deep dives

Microsoft 365 technology deep dive webinars

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4 min read

Securing Office 365 identity with Azure Active Directory

Securing Office 365 identity with Azure Active Directory Everyday enterprise staff receive phishing emails impersonating Microsoft. This recent...

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3 min read

4 considerations for enterprise Windows 10 deployment

Microsoft has dubbed Windows 10 the last OS upgrade you'll ever need. However, if your initial deployment isn't executed with the future in mind, a...

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2 min read

3 ways ProPlus can fastrack your Office 365 deployment

If you stick with your existing version of Microsoft Office, it'll quickly be out of date. By 2020, Office 365 ProPlus will be the only version to...

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Deploying Office 365 as a Gateway to Productivity

Access to cloud-based services has forever shifted the workplace by affording a level of freedom for employers to balance output and productivity...

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1 min read

Effective device management: balancing security and productivity in a BYOD world

Since the middle of the last decade, the bring your own device (BYOD) movement has fundamentally shifted the IT security landscape. While CEOs were...

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